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A useful tool kit for mother artist will be available to down load every quarter

As an artists we communicate our best through art, it makes sense that this is the method that we use to create the tool kit at our meet ups, art comes in many forms and this tool kit will reflect the creators. The tool kit may not be just written but may include examples of – journaling, film, drawing and painting, poems, print making, movement, music, ceramics as well as written accounts. It may also include a downloadable meditation, nutritional support and other holistic advice,plus economic and business advice.

By actively making this tool kit mothers are able to do what they crave the most, and that is to to make art. None of the art will be for individual financial gain, but for the whole of motherhood under one name Mam Triban. The resulting work will then be compiled into a free tool kit for mothers to download from the Mam Triban website. An added bonus will be an exhibition of the tool kit at Aberystwyth Art Centre helping to raise awarness and recrute potential new members.

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