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Happy new year!


My name is Joanna Bond and I am an artist and mother of two girls , a nine year old and a 18 month old and I am the founder of Mam Triban - “Mam”- meaning mother and “Triban” meaning a three line poems. I was inspired by a mother artist Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach who said “Motherhood is such a lyrical experience”- Poems being lyrical and motherhood also being a lyrical experience


This is the first blog I have wrote, but I have sent a few newsletters and regularly post on our facebook group and public page. If/when we get the funding to run our meet ups I will be posting about our sessions picking out all the best helpful advice, sharing our stories, our challenges and solutions.


I want to fill you in a little bit about why I started mam Triban and why I think it's important for a community of artist to exist in rural West Wales.


I moved to West Wales from Cardiff in September 2008 then in May I had a beautiful baby girl. During my time with my first born I had decided to take one year off as maternity that one year turned into four, it took me a long time until I began producing work again..


This period was a challenging time, I felt unable to express myself, away from extended family and friends and an art scene that I was very much part off to say the least I was a little lost, with very little support ,compounded by suffering from postnatal depression and mastitis I was also not in a good relationship with my first born's father this all added to the isolation and frustration.


I look back and I am thankful for my reliance and insight I have gained from those early years, grateful for friends and family who just listened and let me be sad. Jump eight years to now... January 2019... 18 month old, and I am in a new loving, supportive creative relationship with Phoebe's dad and Step dad to Sofia. Live is good,it still has it's ups and downs, it still had/has it's challenges such as breastfeeding,teething, sleepless nights,exhaustion, and lack of time to be creative, but I must admit it does feel a lot easier this time, there is a lot to say and I don’t think I can cover it all here. It could be because she is my second, it could be my focus is on making work about motherhood, what I do know is that I take responsibility for my self care. I would like to share with you some of my coping methods, not saying you need to do any of them, they are just what has helped me and they may help you... I drink a litre of water in the morning, I meditate and do yoga at home regularly, I eat really good vegan organic home made food (when we can) and drink loads of spring water through out the day. I now have a great net work of mothers and artist, artist who are not mothers, artists who are dads,links with galleries and museums, university lectures, councilors and general public in real life and online. I also share the daily child caring with my partner Stu, so we both have a chance to work and play, we also pay for two days childcare. These coping mechanisms like meditation and free time allow my creativity and health to continue and flourish during the early years of parenthood and beyond, what I would love one day is to live in a community, but that is another topic. I Cant wait to facilitate the mam Triban group, connect, grow our community, hear from other mothers about their challenges and help create a tool kit and an exhibition IF (WHEN) the group starts... positive mindset hey!!!


It was a few weeks befor the birth of Phoebe that I was first made aware of the world of mother artists and their art by Lara Clayton's project 'An artist residency in motherhood' it has opened a world of communication and support form mother artist on line like myself from all over the world through her on line community on facebook, twitter and Instagram I am also part of other groups that i share my experiences with and art work. It inspired me so much that I wanted to create something that supported artist who are also mothers in West Wales, so I sent a face book message and recieved a great response from all corners of West Wales and mam Triban was born. We have had three meeting, full of women artists.


An applications been subbmitted rejected and re worked.. its going to the scoring pannel on the 14th January 3rd time lucky we hope!


Here are some of the useful links about motherartist I have found along my journey, there will be more to come relating to each blog post. mam Triban Public page Mam Triban closed group


Blessing and creativity


Joanna x



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